An interruption, a break, a long pause
Due to uninspiring ombre of thoughts
Ideas after ideas but no right words
Enough gut up my loins, but not enough gird.

Guilt. It stings-“Why don’t you write?”
And then follows ridicule – “What will you anyway write?”
So body leaves the bed and fingers hover over keyboard,
Procrastination takes over – “Maybe do it later.”

To be or not to be – a writer – that’s the question;
Am I or am I not one – that is the real one!
Constant war between over and under – confidence is a bad thing, too much or too little.

Eventually though,
Procrastination leaves, so does ridicule;
guilt forsakes, dilemma dies;
And I realise –
Boredom is the key to break a hiatus!


Note from the author: I have been quite lazy and uninspired, but I figured if I had to be a real writer, then there’s only one thing I need to do the most – write.


Author: slaveofmadness

If there is a Carnival full of fancy things in it, rest assured I will participate!

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